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A Couple Ficly Offerings! [06 Jun 2012|04:17pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Hey all! ♥

Hahaha, I see I was the last one to post here - is anyone still around? Helloooooo?! ^_^

Anyway, I was doing some journal maintenance today, and uploading old fic and such, and came across a couple veeeeeeery old MurakixTsuzuki fics I wrote back in 2006.

Shamelessly pimping Posting links to them here, if anyone is interested in having a look.


Darkness Falls

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[FIC] Public Enemy Number One (Drabble) [01 Nov 2011|04:21pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Hey all! ♥

Long time no post. ^_^; Anyway, it's not much, but I come bearing a 300 word drabble... written for the LJ comm fanfic_bakeoff

Title: Public Enemy Number One
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Author: seshats_prodigy
Words: 300
Rating: PG
Summary: Implied Muraki/Tsuzuki. Sometimes one doesn't realize they've crossed the line between hate and love until it's too late.
A/N: Prompt was 'absent' with a bonus of 'masquerade'.

(Public Enemy Number One)

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New Yami no Matsuei fic - Ragnarok Descends [12 Sep 2011|10:23pm]
New YnM fic, sequel to Kyoto Files Revisited and Apocalypse Rising. 

As Heaven allows for Armageddon to crash down upon Chijou, Tsuzuki chooses to go with Muraki and leaves Hisoka behind in spite of their relationship taking a deeper and far more serious turn.  New revelations are revealed, leaving everyone to question as to what he or she truly stands for and believes in. 

As the battlefield gets heated and mankind's fate hangs in the balance, the Shokan Division staff and Meifu will cross paths with Tsuzuki once more - not as the friend and most powerful shinigami in Meifu but as part of Creation's sworn enemies.  Pairings: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Muraki/Tsuzuki, Tatsumi/Watari, Terazuma/Wakaba, Muraki/Oriya/Ukyo (some hints of Tatsumi/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Tsuzuki)

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"Full Belly and a Warm Heart" (PG) (Muraki/Tsuzuki) [26 Nov 2010|10:38am]

Title: Full Belly and a Warm Heart
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: PG
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Humor, mild hurt/comfort, romance
Chapter: Not applicable
Comments: Muraki finds out what a bottomless pit Tsuzuki is... Written for comment_fic's "any, any, "Wow. I'd assumed that was a gastronomic impossibility."". I'd started writing it for one prompt, but that got filled, so I found it fit another prompt much better, resulting in a fic that I'm very happy with.
Actual Fic: ( He'd heard of Tsuzuki's appetite, but he'd never seen it in action till now )
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FIC: "Horror and Desire" (R) [25 Sep 2010|06:10pm]

Title: Horror and Desire
Author: matrixrefugee
Rating: R (implied violence, sexual content, bloodplay)
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Drama, psychological
Chapter: One-shot
Comments: Written originally for centi_50's prompt 32. Song Lyrics -- “Bad Romance” (Lady GaGa)
Actual Fic: I want your horror
I want your design
Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine
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YnM doujin for sale: [07 Jun 2010|10:42pm]

I have some Yami no Matsuei doujin for sale. All yaoi. 8$ each. (Look near the middle of the journal post). Most are explicit/adult in nature.

Visit my journal to browse what I have!
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New & Doujinshi Question? [03 Jun 2010|03:25am]

Hi hi everyone~! I'm new, but this fandom is not new to me. ^^ It's just been a long time.

I have been wondering though, and perhaps you can help me... I'm working on a fanbook that needs, basically, another story. The first one is a kind of introspective Tatsumi/Tsuzuki I did because my friend suggested it, but because I'm not excited by that pairing I haven't published it. I want, instead, to do a Muraki/Tsuzuki story as well to accompany it.

My only problem is... I have NO ideas. ;_; I was wondering if anyone had any prompts, ideas, random verbs and nouns, things that would make your dreams come true, etc., that they wouldn't mind me using in a doujinshi. Please remember that this will be published and I do not want to "steal your ideas" though I will be happy to make acknowledgements to those who help me find my answers.

I think my main problem is that in my head it's all good, but in "reality" I think I still have 2 manga to read but as far as I know Muraki is MIA and I miss him and it's making this harder to write. ;_; Please help!!
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FIC: “Storm Heaven’s Very Gate” [21 Feb 2010|04:50pm]

Title: “Storm Heaven’s Very Gate”
Author: Matrix Refugee
Rating: PG
Pairing: implied Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Drama, supernatural, canon fic
Chapter : One-shot
Comments: Written for centi_50's prompt "4. War"; possible spoilers for the turning point of the Kyoto arc
Disclaimer: I do not own Yami no Matsuei, aka Descendants of Darkness, it’s characters, concepts and other indicia, which are the intellectual property of Yoko Matsushita, Hiroko Tokita, Manga Entertainment, Viz Media, Hakusensha, Central Park Media, et al.
Actual Fic:

( He would not allow his prize to be snatched away so easily… )
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FIC: "Virgin Flesh" [29 Jan 2010|04:23pm]

Title: Virgin Flesh
Author: Matrix Refugee
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Slash/Drama
Chapter: One-shot/drabble
Comments: Written for centi_50's prompt "44. Sex -- Virgin", a snapshot of predator and prey (One of these days, I swear I shall write a Muraki/Tsuzuki fic that does *not* end on a fade-to-black...)
Disclaimer: I do not own Yami no Matsuei, aka Descendants of Darkness, it’s characters, concepts and other indicia, which are the intellectual property of Yoko Matsushita, Hiroko Tokita, Manga Entertainment, Viz Media, Hakusensha, Central Park Media, et al.

( His smirk grows more devious, if that's possible. )

(Cross-posted on various comms)
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FIC: "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (PG-13) [07 Jan 2010|09:12am]

:: Steps out of the shadows, waves::

Hello there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I come here bearing a slightly late Christmas present:

Title: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
Author: Matrix Refugee
Genre: Romance, mild hurt/comfort
Chapter: One-shot
Disclaimer: I do not own Yami no Matsuei, aka Descendants of Darkness, it’s characters, concepts and other indicia, which are the intellectual property of Yoko Matsushita, Hiroko Tokita, Manga Entertainment, Viz Media, Hakusensha, Central Park Media, et al.
Summary/Teaser: When Tsuzuki tries to drown his holiday woes in drink, he finds someone with an icy gaze to bring him in out of the cold. I wonder who that could be...
Rating: PG-13 (male/male flirtation, possibly questionable consent at the end as one guy is falling down drunk)
Word Count: 2279

( The end of December always seemed to bring a rush of work for the Ministry of Hades )

(Cross-posted all over the place)
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Selling doujinshi and artbooks [22 Nov 2009|06:49pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Selling various doujinshi and artbook goods from series such as Prince of Tennis, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy, Gundam, Saiyuki, and Yami no Matsuei.

Check it out here.

If any of this interests you, please take a look. Thanks!

Will be re-posting this on other, relevant comms. Sorry if this floods your flist.

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Fic: "The Beauty in Our Violence" by K.H. Ivywater [03 Jun 2009|12:42am]


Title: The Beauty in Our Violence
Author: K.H. Ivywater (khi_word)
Rating: R
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Status: One-shot, complete (1,514 words)
Summary: Takes place after volume nine of the manga. Tsuzuki's hallucination from the Hall of Candles has melded with previous dreams to become a nightmare that has plagued him for months. Meanwhile, Muraki is looking for revenge. Cross-posted to yamifics.

Read the story here, at my fic journal.

Please note that this is a re-post; I am deleting my previous account.

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HELP! Onegai...( [08 May 2009|12:17am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I have been searching for a doujinshi scan for a while now and was wondering if anyone could help me.

 I don't remember the name unfortunately, but I do remember it was originally on a website called 'Shinigami Empath' which has now completely gotten rid of it's Doujinshi scans. Here's what I remember about the story:

~ Tsuzuki is changed into a little kid (I believe it's Watari's fault)

~Tatsumi (i think) takes Tsuzuki to the hospital and leaves him in a room

~ Muraki finds kid-Tsuzuki and proceeds to molest him

~ Ithink the doujinshi may have been divded into two parts

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Arigato~!

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[01 Mar 2009|11:06am]

I come bearing a Muraki/Tsuzuki fanmix! (If anyone doesn't know, it's a musical compilation of songs fitting a subject/pairing/character.)

Subject: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Title: You, Me and the Devil Makes Three
Warnings: Stalking, sex (come on, this is Muraki, what else were you expecting? :X)
Notes: It can be found here at citronish.
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Yami no Matsuei doujinshi available [30 Dec 2008|07:17pm]

I'm reducing my collection of yaoi doujinshi and I have a lot of Yami no Matsuei within the number I'm selling (over 40 of them!). Most are Muraki/Tsuzuki or Muraki/Hisoka. Pretty much all of them are adult in nature.

(Follow the fake cut to the sale in my LJ)

Apologies if this isn't allowed. Cross-posted to other Yami no Matsuei communities I'm part of.
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Ficlet; Muraki/Tsuzuki FST [15 Nov 2008|12:26am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: Epithumia
Rating: M, for general Muraki-type creepiness.
Pairing: Muraki/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst
Chapter: 'Tis a one-shot.
Comments: Muraki!Angst. Essentially a Kyoto AU with a theme of being careful about what one wishes for. (You can see where this is going. Hur.)
Actual Fic:

Epithumia: (Greek) desire, craving, longing, desire for what is forbidden, lust.

That aside, I've come up with a FST for our favourite pairing-- it's not very good, but I tried! =]

Right this way.

x-posted like whoa.

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[11 Sep 2008|05:07am]

For the fans.

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The End & The Beginning (An Incomplete Muraki x Tsuzuki fanfic) [19 Aug 2008|12:56am]

[ mood | naughty ]

Here's the link:


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muraki x tsuzuki butsecks [19 Aug 2008|12:49am]

[ mood | naughty ]

In case none of you have noticed, I made Tsuzuki the seme. (I think he deserves to be made more "manly", don'tcha think? {{{{^_<}}}} ) But don't worry... he'll soon be back to the huggable, dog-eared, puppy-tailed uke, we all no & love!

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muraki x tsuzuki [18 Aug 2008|04:09am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I'm in the middle of it. I have a twist to it but it needs more action & it's going to take time. I'm sorry I didn't get finished this weekend like I promised but it's getting there. Thanks every1!

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